About the Church

Special Dates for Armagh Methodism

445 – Saint Patrick builds the first stone church in Armagh.

1703 – Birth of John Wesley, founder of Methodism.

1738, May 24th – John Wesley has his ‘Warmed Heart Experience’.

1767, April 15th  – First visit to Armagh by John Wesley.

1767 – Establishment of first Methodist society in the city in a room in a house in Thomas Street rented by three ladies.

1786 – First Methodist church built in Abbey Street near where John Wesley preached.

1789 – Last visit of John Wesley to the city.

1791, March 2nd – Death of John Wesley.

1835, September 14th – First stone laid by Captain WW Alego of new church in Abbey Street.

1859 – Methodist Sabbath School built; known as Lynn Hall after Surgeon Major Lynn, a prominent Methodist who laid the first stone.

1859 – Surgeon Major Lynn presides at revival meeting in field attended by up to 15,000 people – at least eight new Methodist societies formed.

1862 & 1882 – Church improvements to accommodate the growing congregation.

1888 – Church remodelled with elegant façade.

1889, June 12th – Armagh Railway Disaster – Methodist Sunday School excursion to Warrenpoint ends in 88 deaths due to railway accident on the outskirts of the city.

1908 – Organ installed.

2005 – Provision of car park, disability access and old manse renovated.