Uganda is a land locked country of just over 91,000 sq miles (over 16 times the size of NI) situated in East-Central Africa with a population of approximately 35 million people.

In February 2007 Robert Ssegonga came from Uganda to take up a post of Assistant Lay Pastor on the Aughnacloy/Monaghan Methodist Church circuit, a post which he filled until July 2009 when he returned to his native country.  During his time of ministry here Robert endeared himself, not only to the folks on the circuit, but also to very many people in both Northern and Southern Ireland and made many lasting friendships.

Robert, his wife Monica and their six children, live in the town of Jinja in the eastern part of the country near to Lake Victoria.

Since first coming to Northern Ireland Robert has made many friends in the Armagh Methodist Circuit and they and others from the surrounding area continue to support him, both in prayer and financially in the mission outreach work he does in Uganda.  Any money given to him is prayerfully and wisely spent and all financial gifts are acknowledged by Robert and in due course he sends us photographs and DVDs showing exactly how he has spent the money.

Depending on the size of donation the money is used to help carry out repairs to church structures and schools, and to improve living/sleeping conditions of prisoners etc.  Several local ladies in the Armagh/Dungannon area knit and crochet children’s clothes and blankets which again are given out to help those in need.   A Crochet Group in Coalisland made three very large blankets in memory of the mother of one of their members and these have recently been sent out to Robert.

Smaller donations are used to help some individuals in need whom Robert has contact with. For example £50 can buy two goats; £145 can buy a cow.  When these animals are given to people it is on the understanding that when the animal gives birth the first born is given to Robert to pass on to another person.  Doing this each time means that one gift of money can help many families over a period of time.  The people can then sell surplus milk etc to help pay for necessities or to help with their children’s education fees.


In August 2011 Robert, Monica and their two youngest children, Stephen and Mary spent three weeks as guests in Northern Ireland.  During that time they enjoyed renewing friendships and making many new friends.  Robert also returned in June 2014 with his daughter, Hope, and gave an update on the work in Uganda.

In Autumn 2014 a container went out to Uganda to support Robert’s work and the church there. Items requested included: Motorbikes, Mountain Bikes, Bibles/Concordances, Sunday School materials, Sound equipment, Computers/Printers, Office equipment, Mechanical/Carpentry tools, Kitchen utensils, Sewing Machines etc.

Some of the items were directed to the Uganda Samaritan’s Development Agency.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in donating anything in the future please contact George & Joy Price by email or by phone at any of the following numbers:- 07798605871 (George), 07790568010 (Joy) or 028 87724207 (Home).  Any donations to this ministry would be greatly appreciated.

Please continue to pray for Robert, Monica and their family and their outreach work in this very needy country.